IMBIS provides clients with a broad range of multi-cultural background information focusing on individuals who lived, worked, were educated, and continue to have relationships outside of Canada.

With the growing number of persons who are new to Canada or who are personally and/or professionally linked to other countries it is critical to be able to obtain credible information about their backgrounds and credentials.

Employers, corporations and businesses are increasingly extending their hiring and employment practices into the international community. Insurers are interested in minimizing claim costs by ensuring the legitimacy of claims initiated by individuals and in safeguarding against organized crime and fraud which may be rooted in the international community. Legal services firms and law enforcement agencies are progressively more engaged in comprehensive background checks for security reasons.

IMBIS services are important in supporting human resource practices, criminal litigation and civil and insurance litigation. IMBIS is a new service connected to the established investigative services already offered by C3 Investigations. IMBIS has global outreach in over 100 countries with translation/interpretation services for over 150 languages and dialects